Sales Training for Executives & Founders
We help Startups close more deals and increase company valuation
Are the following thoughts familiar?:
»   We love our product and hope that the customers notice.

»   Of course we are making sales calls and running marketing
       campaigns, but we think we could be doing more.

»   We cling to current clients in the hope that they
       will generate more sales in the future.

These attitudes lead to missed opportunities and a lower company valuation. Consistent sales are the result of excellent salesmanship combined with a strong process. Go pro with your sales process and watch the sales roll in and your company’s value skyrocket.

1    Close more deals NOW with sales coachings and trainings
      tailored to your current prospects and team.

2    Stop missing sales targets because of an inadequate
       sales process lacking best practice technique.

3    More sales motivates your ENTIRE team, increases company
       value, and eliminates uncomfortable conversations
       with investors about why your competition is outpacing you.

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What is most interesting for YOU?
»     Closing difficult prospects
»     Leading sales calls more successfully
»     Stronger telephone sales
»     Establishing/Improving sales processes
»     Sales Conversations at Trade Fairs and Events
Tina Schäfer — VCM:
»   Our investment in Emanuel Albert’s Coaching has
      paid off, several times over.   «
Ammad Ahmad — Atheneum Partners:
»   My teams were delighted with the valuable content
       and the high number of practical exercises. But most
       important, due to your sales-communication
       trainings, our sales figures could rise more than 50%.
       Thumbs up!   «

More Sales = Higher Company Valuation, Milestones Achieved, Motivated Teams.
”It is amazing how some sales-process improvements have the power to increase turnover numbers by 50% or more”

From “Maybe” to “Yes”

The biggest, most exciting deal prospects can leave you hanging between “Yes” and “No” indefinitely. We show you how to keep enterprise-level deals moving.
A Superior Sales Process

Making a sale should not be the mysterious, magical result of an undefined series of events. We help you consistently turn prospects into customers via a sales process tailored to your clients and products/services.
Lead Confident Sales Conversations

How do I “read” my clients? How do I lead them naturally through the sales process? How can I know what the client is thinking? Employees that master these skills close more deals and have more accounts.
Establish Sales Processes

EAC Sales Trainings provide insights which are both specific to your current prospects and immediately actionable.
Recruiting & Developing Sales Talent

We help you improve your sales process. We work with you to develop the ideal sales-talent profiles for your business, and how to find and develop them. Talent development includes you, the executive leadership, as well as your team.
Overcome Objections & Close

Know how to handle the typical objections of your clients and close the deal. We teach skills that drive your sales process from closing through payment, and on to repeat business.

Higher company valuations and greater success through more sales NOW